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Skeletal System

#’s Axial, Apendendicular


Functions (6)



            Haversion system + ______

            5 things to identify

            Cells (4)


(2) types of bones


Long bone – identify (9 items)


Composition : 1)______________

                        2) Matrix=____%



Bone Ossification (2 types  – which bones are made from thee?)

Where do all middle bones come from?


Intra_______ Ossification (8 steps)


Endochondral O_______ (13 steps)


Long bones increase length by…………………..

Diameter by……………..


Bones classified by?   (4 – give examples)

2 other types.


What are the Growth Factors? (4) Give exact examples of each!


Where are the Paranasal Sinuses? What are the functions? Tissue?


What are Fontanels? Where are all 5 located and names?


Vertebral Column (#? Bones)

Draw and name curves.



What difference can you find between male/female bones?


Types of Fractures ( 8 )


Disorders (7)