This lecture section – lets do circulatory pathways!

Like taking a trip to the beach, we will need to travel on certain roads to get there and back, and because we have limited time for this pleasure (we have toooo much anatomy studying to do) we must take the quickest path to get there and back.


I will state a FROM location, and a TO location. See if you can get there and back. Please don’t forget about the little side streets (or our ‘ABCs’-arterioles, capillaries, venules).

Starting Simple, Pathway #1:

FROM Superior Vena Cava TO Pulmonary Veins   Answer Pathway #1   (11 steps)


Pathway #2 FROM Hepatic Vein TO Brain       Answer Pathway #2  (22 steps)

Pathway #3 FROM elbow of right arm TO Spleen    Answer Pathway #3 (long one!)

Pathway #4 FROM Thoracic Vertebral Column TO Left Ovary  Answer Pathway #4 (25 steps)

Pathway #5 Pulmonary Circulation     Answer Pathway #5 (16 steps)

Pathway #6 FROM Pancreas TO Spleen    Answer Pathway #6  (30 steps)

Pathway #7 FROM 3rd Digit of the Right Hand TO 3rd Digit of the Left Hand  Answer Pathway #7 (32 steps)

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