As SI (Student Instructor) Leader for J. Sullivan’s AVC General Human Anatomy class, in Lancaster , California, I have created this site to post worksheets so you may download them. Please know, I am only a fellow student in Anatomy, not a professor – there may be errors……., but I promise to keep it to a minimum.
Most of the work here is created by my own hands, though some has been pulled from other documents which I am under the impression it is okay.   – To see what is currently going on, click on Anatomy SI – Sullivan above, or Home.

Any questions, please let me know.

Laura Barron

2008/09/27 at 5:40 PM

– I am going to SI one more semester. This Spring 2009 will be a great class and I am looking forward to it. I hope to get more images from lab available on this site and am happy to take any comments on how to improve this tool. See you soon at the Learning Center!

1/12/2009 Laura Barron

Alas, life has changed my plans for the spring semester. I won’t be SI-ing, but I will leave this site up for one more semester to help anyone who may need it. Good Luck! – Laura Barron

Judy Sullivan is now starting a website with the same material from this site, with a few more goodies. Look towards using her site at

3/31/09  – Laura Barron

8-12-09 – Now I am going into the ADN program at AVC. Fall of 2009. I’ve started another learning Blog at called Student Nurse Laura. Wish me luck!