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Scapula Muscles

This is a story. We are applying a soft-ball type of analogy, though I don’t play baseball, so just play along with me. Move your arm with the story!


In order to pitch the ball, we will use the Supraspinatus muscle to abduct our arm away from our body, then using the Infraspinatus, we will laterally rotate our arm for the pitch, but wait, the sub-pitcher wants in….Subscapularis likes to pitch different, he will use a Medial rotation, and then of course using our last muscle on the scapula bone, our Teres Major will adduct, bring our arm back in. Sometimes even extending it if the sub was used.


So that’s the story, they all work the humerus.


The Supraspinatus Abducts the humerus

The Infraspinatus Laterally rotates the humerus

But wait the sub pitcher wants in and,

Subscapularis Medially rotates the humerus

Teres Major brings it back in, Adducts (or even extends)