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I wrote this story. I want you to try to come up with a better one using as much of the nervous system areas as you can. You are all younger than me, so I know you have more of those neurons working for you! After you write it, send it as a comment back to me and I’ll post it!


            “I want to eat.” I said this (Broca’s area, coming from my Frontal Lobe) even though, I must have felt an empty stomach first (General Sensory Functions from my Parietal lobe) . This was information I associated in my mind, hungry feeling – I’m hungry! (shared on both sides of the hemisphere, so it came through the associative tract.) The right side of my cerebrum started imagining my favorite food, chili cheese fries. This time I took the commissural tract, across 2 hemispheres.

            How did I come up with chili cheese fries? I have to assume my Insula (memory and interpretation of taste) along with the visual images I have from my Occipital lobe, have Projected this idea to me. (Projection Tracts).

            I can smell someone eating some noisily close by. (Temporal lobe) It has all my Primary Sensory areas going! Incoming Visual information, incoming Auditory information, my Gustatory wants to kick in, the Olfactory is well aware, and I’m beginning to get pains in my stomach as my Somatosensory cortex also reacts.

            I will have to refer to my cerebellum for coordination and learned movements to get my legs a-walking! As the Frontal Eye Field of my motor area, and my Primary Motor Cortex send those muscles their newly needed activity, my Motor Speech Area once again kicks in (to place my order!). I use all my Frontal lobe to send information down the brain stem, through the Pons to my spinal cord.

            As this info went through the Pons, it was noticed by my Medulla Oblongata, getting my heart rate going, my breathing rate and blood pressure up, and I’m salvitating. I’m able to send the innervation through the Anterior Horn to my leg muscles. Yep, those descending projection tracts are working, and the Cerebral Nuclei (caudate nucleus, and lentiform nucleus) are indeed moving me along!

            I finally get my chili cheese fires, and the neurons in my Lateral Horn are working on my smooth muscles and glands, to regulate my Autonomic Motor System. My Viscerosensory pathway is working, well, … maybe a little … overtime.

            My Somatosensory pathway says I ate them too fast while the cheese was too hot. This sensory is going through the Posterior Horns, through those interneurons, and back up to my questioning mind.

            Yes, this went through the Medulla Oblongata, because all tracts must ascend or descend thru it.

            My Limbic system is getting some info. The Hippocampus is storing this memory about eating too fast! Reminding my Olfactory cortex not to get over emotionally hungry when we smell those chili cheese fries, and up to the Hypothalamus to control my food intake!

            I just hope my Epithalamus will let me sleep tonight


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