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To remember these actions, you could think of yourself sleeping on your stomach. When you sleep, you dream of a CASTLe, but when you awake, it  will FADE Away. (That is so Funny!)



Muscle names:

C = Clavo-trapezius

A = Acromio-trapezius

S = Spino-trapezius

T= LevaTor scapulae

Le = Latissimus dorsi


Muscle actions in order with the mnemonic above:

F = Flex head laterally

A = Adducts scapula

D = Depresses scapula

E = Elevates scapula


Away = Adducts Humerus (That is so funny! = to remember it is the humerus)


1 – Clavo-trapezius

2 – Acromio-trapezius

3 – Spino-trapezius

4 – Levator scapulae

5 – Latissimus dorsi