A. Bariatric Surgery


1. Gastric bypass, by narrowing/blocking portion of stomach

B. Calculi


2. Cavities in tooth enamel caused by plaque/bacteria

C. Caries


3. Frequent, watery feces

D. Cystis


4. Painful diarrhea caused by infectious organism

E. Diabetes insipidus


5. Dilated, tortuous veins around rectum/anus

F. Diarrhea


6. Viral infection of parotid glands

G. Dysentery


7. Inflammation of the pancreas

H. Dysuria


8. Painful urination

I. Hematouria


9. Blood in urine

J. Hemorrhoids


10. Bladder inflammation

K. Mumps


11. Stones in kidney

L. Nephritis


12. Inflammation of kidney

M. Pancreatitis


13. Not enough ADH produced by hypothalamus

N. Renal Failure


14. Cessation of glomerular filtration













































































A1, B11, C2, D10, E13, F3, G4, H8, I9, J5, K6, L12, M7, N14