If you were to ingest food, where would it pass through (6) and what would its name be in each location?

What are the accessory digestive organs (4), and what to they secrete?

What are the functions of the digestive system? 

Explain Propulsion.  What 2 processes are involved and the difference between the two? 

What is the Histology of the Mucosa layer of the tract? 

What does the Muscularis layer have 2 layers of? 

What is the visceral peritoneum and what is its histology?

What is the labial frenulum?

Describe the location of the mouth? 

What 3 accessory organs would you find in the oral cavity?

What are the 5 sensations perceived by taste buds and their location?

Describe a tooth.

What are Molars and their function? 

Name the 3 salivary glands, their openings into the mouth, and location. 

What type of gland are salivary glands? Structurally and functionally. 

What muscles are located in the pharynx? 

What is the lining of the esophagus?

Name 2 sphincters of the esophagus.

Where is the greater omentum located, and what does it attach to?

Name 5 parts of the stomach? 

What are 4 gastric glands, and what does each produce?

Where is the small intestine located? 

What parts of the digestive system are retroperitoneal? 

What is the hepatopancreatic duct? 

What are the folds called in the mucosa and submucosal of the small intestine? 

What do you call the fingerlike projections on the surface of the villi?

What is the function of the large intestine? 

Name 7 parts of the large intestine?

 What is the smooth muscle on the outside of the large intestine?

 What is haustra?

 What are epiploic appendages made of?

 What is the location of the mesocolon?

Name 2 sphincters of the anal canal, their location and histology.

 Describe 6 things the liver has.

 If you were bile, where would you be created, and then what path would you take to the duodenum?  Where would you be stored? 

What are the functions of the liver?

What are the functions of the pancreas?

What is the Islets of Langerhans?

What is the composition of pancreatic juice?