I have some hints to make flash cards work for you. 


When doing Flash Cards, remember they are suppose to be FLASH cards. Just quick questions and notes where the answer on the back is simple notes to remind you of the complete answer. Use your notes if you can’t remember the complete info.


Make your flash cards after every lecture.




  • Practice with them everyday.
  • If you can answer the card easy three times in a row, put it in a separate pile to be reviewed closer to exam time.
  • Keep the cards you hesitate to answer or don’t know.
  • Create flash cards for lectures you haven’t heard yet but will need to know in an exam that is only 5 days away.


You may start off with many cards, approximately 25 a lecture, but you will find you put 50% of them in your know-it-pile if you review them everyday. This closely resembles the Leitner System. You can find out more about its process at this link.


4 days before your exam, go through all flash cards. Those you know put in a different pile. Those you didn’t answer correctly, review! (if you can write your answers, don’t say them. This is what you will have to do on the test – spelling counts!)

3 days before your exam, keep going through all unknown cards, getting rid of the ones you answer correctly 3 times in a row.  

2 days before your exam, put them all back together and go through them all again. Separate out the ones you don’t know.


1 day before, review all your notes, worksheets ect., and cards you don’t know.

Day of exam. Breathe, you know your stuff!


You can find out more information about learning styles, and your unique style at DVC .