Here is the Lasik Eye Surgery video I promised.

(These steps are from Dr. Alan Bergs site, as I had him for my surgeon.)

Step 1
First the surgeon applies a few numbing eye-drops to the eye prior to the procedure, and the surgeon marks the cornea with water-soluble ink to guide replacement of the flap. (My eye is upside down in this video)
Step 2
A thin corneal flap is created using an instrument called a microkeratome. This part of the procedure is called keratectomy and makes a “flap” in the corneal tissue on the central part of the eye, which is gently folded back, exposing the underlying layers of the cornea.  This flap can also be created with the use of the Intralase laser. (this is done with one machine, then you walk over to another machine- yes you can still see)

Step 3
The surgeon then uses the excimer laser to apply a cool beam of light to gently even out the curvature of the cornea this is done with CustomVue Wavefront guided technology. The protective corneal flap is then gently placed back in its original position and begins healing immediately.  (Hard to see it happening, look for those colored lights hitting the cornea.)

Step 4
After the flap is gently laid back, a few moisturizing drops are applied to soothe your eye and speed recovery. (As you can see, it takes no time.)

…below is a previous blog written in April 2008, after the surgery.

I went and had my eye vision corrected with Lasik surgery. That was Wednesday and today, three days later, I am still thrilled I did it. I have worn glasses for distance for 30 years. We are talking anything over four feet away (20/300). Now I can see 20/15 in both eyes. My near vision is fine. I can see clearly a 9pt typed paper at one foot away from my face. This I was worried about. I didn’t want to be blind in the other direction. I can work on my computer, look out my window and read the name on the tail of an airplane. Not kidding.

I have a red spot on both eyes under my lids and was told it was a small broken capillary that will dissapate in a week or so. I have no pain, no blurryness or anything. Right after my surgery in the afternoon, that took maybe 3 minutes for the laser cut, then 5 minutes for the laser correction on each eye, I could see. I went home and slept the night away with two valiums and the help of my husband around the house. Up the next morning with beautiful vision. Have you ever gone to sleep with your contacts on by accident and woken up being able to see, but a little dry? Like that, only not dry. Beautiful. No more buying big black framed glasses so I can find them when they aren’t on my head. No more being afaid of swimming in the water or getting hit in the head playing sports.

I’m thrilled. I went to Berg-Feinfield in Sherman Oaks, CA. They were great. I know I was probably a good canidate, but I also know it has a lot to do with the surgeon and the equipment they use. I have a film and when I get it uploaded, I’ll link it here!