What makes up the PNS?


What are Afferent fibers?


What are Efferent fibers? Name 2 types and give examples?


What are the Cranial nerves (make a chart, 3 columns), do they have s, m, or mx, and what is it they sense, or motor?


Which nerves of the 12 pairs are related to eye movements?


Where do the spinal nerves, not cranial nerves, exit the vertebral canal? What is the one exception?


After nerves become spinal nerves, are they mixed or are they still just sensory or motor?


What does the vertebral root consist of?


What does the Posterior root consist of?


The Ventral Root cell bodies are located in the grey matter of the cord. T  F


1. Ascending tract

2. Posterior funiculus

3. Lateral funiculus

4. Dorsal root ganglion

5. Anterior ramus

6. Ramus communicans

7. Anterior funiculus

8. Posterior horn

9. Descending tract

10. Posterior root (sensory)

11. Posterior ramus

12. Sympathetic trunk ganglion

13. Anterior root (motor)

14. Anterior horn



Anterior root cell bodies are located outside the cord in root ganglia.  T  F


What does the spinal nerve branch into after leaving the intervertebral foramen?


What is the posterior ramis responsible for?


What is the anterior ramis responsible for? 


What are the rami communicates for?


Name 4 principal plexuses of the anterior nerves?


What is different between destination/direction of posterior ramus, and anterior ramus innervations? One goes directly,……….. one forms……., and has additional…..which go……….