What is the name of the group of axons inferior to the conus medullaris?


What anchors the conus medullaris to the coccyx?


What is the Gray matter of the spinal cord made of?


What are funiculi, and can you name all three?


What does a pathway consist of?


What are the 2 sensory pathways and what type of stimuli does each consist of?


Where do descending projection tracts originate from, and are they motor or sensory?


If direct pathways include 3 specific tracts from the primary motor cortex, how does the Indirect Pathway work?


Spinal Cord

Spinal Cord

*pathway for sensory motor impulses;   * responsible for spinal reflexes , quick reactions to stimulus


Filum Terminale

Pia mater anchoring the conus medullaris to the coccyx


Ascending pathway

carrying sensory information from body to brain


Descending pathway

Carrying motor information from brain to muscles or glands


Sensory pathway

Conduct information about limb position, touch, temp, pressure, pain. Somatosensory/Viscerosensory


Motor Pathways

Regulate skeletal muscle activity


Direct or pyramidal pathway

Includes 3 tracts originating from the primary motor cortex: Corticobulbar tract, Lateral corticospinal Tract, Anterior corticospinal Tract


Indirect Pathway

Complex route of axons from nuclei in brain stem to interneurons or motor neurons.