What is the name of the commissural Tract type connecting the 2 hemispheres of the Cerebrum?


In the longitudinal fissure what would you find?


The cerebral hemispheres receive and project their commands and sensory to the same sides of the body.  T  F


What is the term used for the functional differences of the cerebrum?


What is the right hemisphere specialized for?


Name the 5 lobes of the Cerebrum and the main functions of each?


What cortex is in the pre-central gyrus?


What cortex is in the Post central gyrus?


Motor areas control what? Sensory areas provide what?


What 5 cortex are the primary sensory ones and what do they deal with?

Can you name the 6 Association areas and their main functions?


What is the Cerebral Nuclei and where is it located?


The Cerebral Nuclei receives inputs from ___________ and send to _________.

Who produces melatonin?

Who has the infundibulum and what is it attached to?


Who releases Oxytocin and ADH?


What is the Limbic System?


Can you name a few structures recognized to be a part of the limbic System?