Our current area of study is Nervous System.  Here are some links to podcasts that will help with the over all understanding. Marion Diamond’s podcasts, through UC Berkeley are connected by utube, but you can download them for free on itunes. Also S. Langjhar’s current lectures are available at the IMC or at this link:



Diamond’s Lecture 22 Nervous System   Neural History -starts part way through.

Diamond’s Lecture 23 Nervous System 

Diamond’s Lecture 24 Nervous System Development of Nervous System

Diamond’s Lecture 25 Nervous System Spinal Cord & Nerves

Diamond’s Lecture 26 Nervous System Peripheral Nerves

Diamond’s Lecture 27 Nervous System Sensory & Motor Pathways

Diamond’s Lecture 28 Nervous System Motor Pathways to Forebrain

Diamond’s Lecture 29 Nervous System Forebrain

Just found this video on the Limbic System , after watching this, you’ll know what the limbic system is about.