What 2 cells are found in the PNS and what are they responsible for?


What is the difference between a Tract and a Nerve?


What is an ascending Tract?


What is the difference of a descending Tract?


What is the difference between Ganglia and Nuclei?


What does the efferent System control?


What nervous cell is 90% of the nervous system?


What is a perikaryon and describe what is found in it?


What is the difference between Schwann cells and oligodendrocytes?


What is a neurolemmocyte?


What are the structural classifications of neurons? Can you draw each structure?


What about Functional classifications? How many types and which is most numerous?


Neurons are capable of mitosis.  T  F


What is the blood brain barrier? What type of cell is responsible?


Name 4 neuralgia cells and explain what each is responsible for.


What is the process of Nerve Impulse Transmission?


Where are neurotransmitters stored? Can you name 5?


At what age do the primary vesicles of the brain further develop into 5?


What makes up Gray Matter?


What makes up White Matter?


Describe Cranial Meninges. Do you know what type of tissue?


Which membranes are avascular?


Explain what CSF is. How is it formed?  How does it circulate?  How is it reabsorbed?