Here is another trick, tip, learning device for Anatomy. It focuses on the Upper Leg muscles. I call it my Thigh-Burger. This is looking at the anterior side of the leg. The top of the bun would be medial, and the bottom of the bun Lateral. If I was laying on my bum, I would be in a lateral position.

Okay. I will story this up with a few actions, as this is what I need to recall.

First its ABout the bun, we have our bottom bun (Tensor Fasciae Latae/abducts thigh). We will ADd the top bun as we know we are going to put much inside of it and we don’t want it to fall out (Gracilis/adducts thigh). There are four (Quadriceps/flex and extend) important things in our Thigh-Burger.

1.) On the bottom of the bun we are going to include some nice dressing from Vastus, a lot (Vastus Lateralis) to the bottom bun with,

2.) a little inner drop of Vastus Intermedius to help EXtend our dressing. 

3.) We are also going to add it to the top bun (the Medial side/Vastus Medialis), because we want it on either side of the,

4.) main meat (Rectus Femoris).

But when we put the buns on the burger we think, Wait! I want more than that!

We take the top off and all the top Vastus (Medialis) stuck to the Rectus Femoris. But that’s okay, we will just ADD a few more items between the Vastus Medialis and the Top bun (Gracilis).

First, on top of the Vastus Medialis covered Rectus Femoris, we will place the lettuce (Adductor Longus), then some nice Tomatoes, but the are a little small – (Adductor Brevis), and we can’t over look a big, huge grouping of Magnificent onion rings (Adductor Magnus).

Okay, but how do we hold it all together so it won’t fall apart? We put the sword (Sartorius) over across it all to hold it together! (Sartorius/flexes and laterally rotates).

Can you eat/beat that?