I’m taking Anatomy at the community college in Antelope Valley. It’s a great course and I am always amazed they allow me in it. I suppose it appeals to the game player in me. The putting together a puzzle. ..Well, anyways I thought I would start posting any tricks I come up with to help with the memorization of names and processes. It also allows me to draw a little. The last practical was on upper body muscles and actions. I have 2 which will help with seven muscles and their actions.



There are three sections that unite to create the Greek triangle. The names of the three specify their origins. Starting from the back: Spino-deltoid, Acromio-deltoid, and Clavo-deltoid. They all unite to a tendon attaching to the deltoid tuberosity on the humerus.


In this order from back to front the three sections spell S-A-C.

Their actions create this phrase: Easy AB For deltoids!

Spino-deltoid is Easy or Extends, Acromio- is AB or Abducts, and Clavo- is for Flexes. Their actions are all on the humerus.


                                                      S          A         C

                                                     Easy     AB       For       Deltoids!