What are the normal properties of muscles?  What are the other 2 properties if something atypical happens?


What are the functions of muscles?


Which types of muscles are involuntary? Voluntary?


Give a location of a Single Unit smooth muscle. What makes the Single Unit contract?


Give a location of a Multiunit smooth muscle. What makes it contract?


Describe 5 things about a cardiac muscle, give a specific location.


Name 2 disorders of Muscles and describe each.


Can an Antagonist be a prime mover?


What surrounds a muscle organ, or whole muscle? What surrounds a bundle of muscle tissues? What is this Fascia made of?


What surrounds the muscle fiber and what is it made of?


Name 6 things that you would find in a microscopic view of a muscle fiber.


What is a Parallel arrangement of Fasciculi, describe? Give 2 examples.


What is a Pennate arrangement, describe 3 subtypes and give examples of each.


What is a Convergent arrangement, give 1 example.


What is the last arrangement I haven’t listed and give 2 examples.


Name 5 criteria for naming muscles and give an example of each?


Describe the Skeletal Muscles – such as they have very little intercellular material -matrix in muscle tissue…


What is the tissue of a Tendon?


What is the difference between a tendon and an aponeurosis?


What exactly do Origin, Insertion and Action mean?


Can you draw a human who has legs flexed, arms adducted, and head everted?


Describe 5 things about a smooth muscle?