Arthrology Q & A


What are the types of Synovial Joints classified by?


Name and Describe a Synovial Joint:

(exp: Ball and Socket is a round head on one bone that fits into a concave socket on the other bone)


Which classification of Synovial Joint has the most degree of movement? Name the Specific Location and the Movement type.


Name specifically 2 Biaxial Synovial joints of different classification by shape.


What is the difference between Strain and Sprain?


What are these features on a Synovial Joint:

            Articular cartilage?

            Fibrous capsule?


            Synovial Membrane? What does it recreate?


What are the functions of Synovial fluid?


Structural Classification of Arthrology is according to…….


Name all 3 structural classifications and material between.


What is the interosseous ligament?


What is the costochondral joint?


What joint has hyaline cartilage – structure subtype? What about Fibrocartilage?


What is the difference between the following joints?





What is Ginglymus?


What is the difference between the following joints?

            Articular processes of vertebrae

            Between vertebrae bodies


What is Osteoarthritis?


What is Rheumatoid Arthritis


What disorder is genetic affecting kidneys?